How Our Customer Service Helps You Get the Most from Your Chiropractic Software
May 15, 2018
Doug Sabanosh

Similar to the relationship between patient and chiropractor, the relationship between a chiropractic office staff and its software’s customer service team should be personal. After all,  to make your practice run smoothly, you need a customer service team that not only knows the  software, but understands the chiropractic industry and how a practice works, to effectively  answer the many questions that come up daily.  

Believe it or not, a skilled customer service team can make your chiropractic practice  management software work for you by: 

  • Making it easier to customize your software
  • Training your team navigate your customized software
  • Sharing their best practices and shortcuts

Think of them as your tech friends, and an extension of your practice, helping you run your  family-owned business more effectively.  

At Chiro8000, we believe our customer service is second to none. Why?  

  1. We’ve been in the chiropractic business for 20 years, building cost-effective products  that are geared specifically around the needs of our customers – chiropractors. Since  1998, we’ve been developing cost-effective products for chiropractors, while nurturing a  customer service support team that works with you to help you achieve your practice  goals.  
  2. Our customer service team is an integral part of our company and is never outsourced – all of our support staff is U.S. based. Our techs know the chiropractic industry, so if you  have a billing question, you can be confident your Chiro8000 customer service tech will  have a good answer that’s relevant to chiropractic billing. Moreover, our techs are  

directly involved with the development of our software, as well as installing and  configuring your systems to work with the subtleties, functions and needs of your  practice. As a result, they answer questions more quickly and accurately – keeping you  with your patients.  

  1. Chiro8000 customer service professionals take the “technical” out of technical support.  They use simple and understandable terms and leave the technical jargon to those who  need to know it. Our locally installed software is easy to implement, easy to learn, easy 

to use, and easy to train because of our team’s deep understanding of our software,  their chiropractic industry expertise, and their dependability – plain and simple.  

  1. Chiro8000 understands that Chiropractors have specific practice needs. We recognize,  high patient volume, return visit schedules, and insurance claim challenges make it  imperative for chiropractors to have the right practice management software customer  service team to streamline their business. 

Ultimately, our support teams’ knowledgeable and dependable assistance coupled with the  straight-talk approach to supporting your business, helps you achieve your goals faster – and that’s good for everyone.

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