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I provide small businesses with effective digital marketing strategies and personalized solutions that deliver measurable results and drive business growth. Unlock high-impact marketing solutions that save your budget thousands of dollars compared to the costs of hiring a full-time employee or engaging other consultants. 


Don’t get buried by all the data. Let us sift through it and deliver you the goods.

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  • Get advice that’s crafted to your domain.
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  • Get the most successful copy from 17 years of ad evolution.
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Insights like these would take an expert days to complete. We’ll deliver it to you in a few hours!

“Doug has given me the highest confidence throughout our working relationship. I’m excited by the work he’s done as I know my competitors do not have the time or skill sets to figure it out. I would highly recommend Doug to any small or medium size business that is working to build out their presence online.”

Mike M.

“Doug has an amazing knack for turning out great projects even without the ideal amount of resources or budget. This is entirely due to his management prowess and ability to adapt and learn as technology changes. During my tenure working with Doug, I witnessed his tireless work ethic and dedication. Doug has a passion for marketing and small business success and it was apparent in the quality of his work.”

Don M.

Owner, Revolution Labs, LLC.


Our data-driven digital marketing strategies leverage advanced analytics to identify target audience behavior, preferences, and trends. We analyze and interpret relevant data to make informed decisions. With precise segmentation and personalization, we optimize campaigns, ensuring messages resonate with the right audience. By measuring and analyzing key metrics, we refine strategies, driving higher ROI and spur business success.


We craft compelling narratives, eye-catching visuals, and relevant information. With a blend of creativity and audience insights, we produce informational blogs, inspiring videos, and engaging social media content. Through a mix of storytelling, creativity, and relevance, we connect with your target audience and inspire them to take action. By sparking emotions and fostering connections, we captivate audiences, driving higher engagement, and building lasting brand loyalty.


Our engaging social media campaigns use captivating visuals, interactive content, and user-generated elements. We target specific audiences with personalized messages, fostering meaningful interactions and building a loyal community. Through social listening, real-time responses and influencers, we spark conversations and drive brand advocacy, amplifying reach and achieving impactful social media success.


We communicate with your audience by utilizing results-driven email marketing strategies that incorporate data-driven segmentation, personalization, and automation. We design compelling content and clear calls-to-action to drive open rates and click-throughs. With A/B testing and performance tracking, we optimize campaigns for higher conversions. Through nurturing leads and retaining customers, our email marketing strategies boost engagement and drive revenue growth.


Our expert SEO techniques encompass comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical improvements. Backed by industry insights and algorithms, we boost website visibility and organic search rankings. With ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we ensure our clients stay ahead in search engine results, attracting valuable traffic and increasing conversions.


Our conversion-optimized digital marketing solutions focus on enhancing user experience and supporting the buyer’s journey. Through user-centric designs, persuasive elements, and clear calls-to-action, we increase desired actions on websites and landing pages. Personalized engagement, A/B testing and analytics-driven refinements ensure optimal performance, resulting in higher conversion rates and achieving business objectives efficiently.

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Who We Work With

From developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategies to implementing campaigns and measuring data, DCS provides you with the expertise and resources you need to build a strong brand, generate qualified leads, and grow your business.

We run your marketing, so you can run your business.


We amplify your reputation, attract new clients, and establish your expertise. With strategic digital marketing, we establish your industry leadership, build trust, and drive business growth.


We create engaging content and post to your networks. We build your strong social presence to showcase your expertise, increase your visibility, and attract more clients, so you can run your business.


We build you a strong reputation and attract clients. Our effective digital marketing strategies showcase your expertise, build credibility, and highlight your track record for growth and success.


Our effective digital marketing strategies, showcase your expertise, build credibility, attract new clients, and differentiate you from the competition. We’ll make you stand out in a competitive industry. 


Gain visibility in competitive markets with data-driven digital marketing plans tailored to your unique products. Achieve sustainable growth and drive top-line revenue and enterprise value.


By strategically planning campaigns, we identify and target your ideal audience, establish credibility, and generate leads. Our insurance programs amplify your reach and drive business growth.

How We Will Help You

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • Managed Hosting
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • DOUBLE your qualified leads
  • GROW your business

Strategic Marketing Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Data-driven marketing for your success.

How We Operate

We take a consultative approach to understand your business inside out. Our team of experts will meticulously analyze your goals, target audience, and competition to craft a winning strategy. With our persuasive copywriting skills, we create compelling sales and marketing material that resonates with your customers. Our data-driven approach ensures successful results. Trust us for unparalleled success.


Discuss your business and your challenges, how our solutions may help and see if we’re a good fit.


Organize assets, create a strategy, map a timeline, and define roles and expectations.


Create materials and set up campaigns to start your business growth process.  


Hit our deadlines and deliver you a repeatable system for predictable revenue growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Some Common Questions

What is the biggest benefit to hiring a marketing consultant?

You won’t have to teach yourself marketing. You can rely on us to work with you, form a strategy and implement campaigns according to your specific goals. We have a deep understanding of marketing strategies and tactics, and can provide you with valuable insights and advice. You get access to our marketing expertise, so you to focus on your business.

Why would my small businesses need a marketing consultant?
Small businesses can benefit from hiring a marketing consultant for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the key reasons why a small business may need a marketing consultant:

Expertise in marketing strategy and tactics: A marketing consultant has specialized expertise in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies, as well as knowledge of the latest marketing trends and tactics. This can be especially valuable for small businesses that do not have a dedicated marketing team or in-house marketing expertise.

Objectivity and fresh perspective: A marketing consultant can provide an objective and unbiased perspective on a small business’s marketing efforts and challenges, and can offer fresh insights and ideas that may not have been considered by the business owner or internal marketing team.

Cost-effective solutions: Hiring a marketing consultant can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses that need help with specific marketing projects or initiatives, as it can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time marketing employee with the same expertise.

Flexibility and scalability: A marketing consultant can provide flexible and scalable marketing support, depending on the needs and budget of the small business. This can include one-time projects, ongoing support, or a combination of both.

Improved ROI and business results: A marketing consultant can help a small business develop and implement more effective marketing strategies, which can lead to improved return on investment (ROI), increased sales, and overall business growth.

Overall, a marketing consultant can provide small businesses with specialized expertise, fresh perspectives, and cost-effective solutions to help improve their marketing efforts and drive business results.

What does a small business marketing consultant do?

We assist you in creating and implementing the best possible strategy to reach your target audience. We advise you on everything from communicating with your customers to articulating the message they should hear from your business based on their needs or wants. We identify and study your target audiences, understand their pain points and create marketing campaigns that resonate with them. We’ll create and manage your social media strategy, develop content, and engaging with followers on different platforms. We can create valuable content that attracts and retains customers. Finally, we’ll measure the ROI of our marketing efforts to determine what’s working and what needs improvement. 

What should I look for in a marketing consultant?

When hiring a marketing consultant, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure that you find the right fit for your business. Here are some things to look for:

  1. Identify your needs: Determine what areas of your business you want to improve, and what specific services you need from a marketing consultant.
  2. Experience: Look for a marketing consultant who has experience in your industry and has a track record of success in the areas you need help with. Ask them about their marketing strategies, the tools they use, and their previous successes with similar businesses.
  3. Communication Skills: Evaluate their communication skills. A good marketing consultant should be able to communicate their ideas and strategies effectively and listen to your concerns and feedback. They should be able to clearly explain their strategies and recommendations to you and your team. Assess how well they listen to your needs and how responsive they are to your questions.
  4. Analytical skills: Marketing consultants need to be able to analyze data and make data-driven decisions. Look for someone who is skilled in analyzing customer data, market trends, and other key metrics. They should be able to develop data-driven marketing strategies. Ask them about their data analysis methods, the metrics they track, and their approach to measuring success.
  5. Strategic thinking: A good marketing consultant should be able to think strategically about your business and develop a customized plan to achieve your goals. They should be able to analyze data and provide insights to drive decision-making.
  6. Technical skills: Depending on your specific marketing needs, technical skills may be important. For example, if you need help with digital marketing, look for a consultant who has expertise in areas such as SEO, PPC advertising, or social media marketing.
  7. Approach: Look for a marketing consultant who takes a customized approach to their work, tailoring their strategies to meet your specific needs and goals.
  8. Fit: It’s important to choose a consultant who fits well with your company culture and values. Make sure you feel comfortable working with them and that they understand and share your business goals.
  9. Creativity: While analytical skills are important, a good marketing consultant should also be creative and able to come up with innovative ideas to help your business stand out from the competition. Ask them about their creative approach to marketing campaigns and how they stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and strategies.
  10. Professionalism: A good marketing consultant should be professional, responsive, and reliable. They should respect your time and provide high-quality work.

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Doug is truly gifted at creating brand identity and a digital marketing strategy to build momentum behind it. He uses a rare combination of patience, enthusiasm, and vision (and a lot of white boarding) to display goals and the methods to achieve them. His inbound marketing strategy worked and delivered the results we wanted. He’s driven by analysis, market knowledge and a strong desire to do what’s best for his colleagues and his customers.

Scott M.
Breakpoint Financial

Satisfied Customers

“Doug opened our eyes to the value of having a comprehensive marketing plan. Our previous plan was very scatter-shot with disparate services from several different providers. He came in and did a comprehensive analysis, provided us a strategic road map and worked with us to implement all the different segments of the plan. Our marketing strategy has never been this organized and automated.  We recommend Doug as a knowledgeable provider and expert on all things marketing.”

Brian F.

Brand Manager, Masterfit Enterprises

“Doug was a wonderful source of digital marketing expertise and made the redesign of my website very enjoyable. He was helpful in the planning stages of design, and he was very thorough and easy to work with. He listened to my needs and made any and all changes I requested – and did so in a very timely manner. He provided and implemented a SEO strategy, which really helped people find my site. I am getting rave reviews of my new website. I could not be happier!”

Lovedy B.

Owner, Barbatelli Signature Interiors

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