Why Lawyers Need a Website
A website is like having a digital business card that highlights your career, your firm and showcases your credentials, accolades and services. 64% of people said if they had a legal problem, their first step to solving it would be to conduct research online.
July 26, 2022
Doug Sabanosh

Why Lawyers Need a Website

Did you know that 40% of small law firms DO NOT have a website? And those that do, don’t run their site very effectively. Statistics show, 70% of legal websites don’t even have a CALL TO ACTION on their website pages. Many firms (53%) don’t organize content in any type of story or categories or solutions offered, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. This leads to most firms (97%) not having any type of personalized content, making the user experience generic and indifferent and uninformative and does NOT separate your firm from your competition. But it’s not surprising; it takes time, effort and resources to produce content that’s valuable, useful, and personalized for the user to find out the information they need. Most lawyers simply don’t have a the time to take care of content and a website and market themselves. However, they can publish what they write and how they see the legal landscape to help market themselves and convince Google of their expertise and what type of people they’re representing.

Lawyer Firm News, Rocket Matter, and Logikcull found, the single biggest challenge for medium to small sized law firms is getting new clients. Another study found that 57% of people, when looking for a lawyer, start their search online, researching to find the best representation to fix their problem. So it only makes sense that law firms, no matter what the size, should invest in a website. It’s not hard.

These days, having a website is like having a digital business card – highlighting your career, your firm and showcasing your credentials, accolades and services. Currently, getting an effective website designed and built is rather cost-effective too – most will only cost $3,000 – $5,000. Then it’s only $150 – $300 a month for hosting, security and maintenance, depending on your firm’s size and needs. So it’s not out of the realm for law firms of any size to have a basic website to explain what they do, what problems they solve and what type of clients they represent. Here are a few other good reasons lawyers need a website.

More People Can Find You and Hire You

Transaction Agency reports that 85% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase. Over 33% of clients start looking for a lawyer online, while nearly 100% of people looking for legal advice start online. iLawyerMarketing conducted a study that found, of those consumers, 86% search for a lawyer with Google search. How does your website perform?

By simply adding a contact form to the pages of your website – and perhaps a newsletter sign-up promotion – will allow prospective clients to contact you and learn more about your firm. Once you have their contact info, you can keep in touch with them and educate them on your firm, your legal expertise, changes in the law, success stories and more.

RocketMatters found that 68% of law firms don’t even have an email address on their website, and 27% don’t even have a phone number listed. Make sure you have both these means of communication on your site, so potential clients can contact you easily – and watch the inquiries flow.

You Can Build Trust, Establish Expertise and Promote Your Values

Showcasing your education, credentials and expertise goes a long way. Client testimonials and refrences can build your credibility, while also confirming your work is valuable and done to satisfaction. All this information gives prospective clients an inside look at your compitence, philosophy and background, which makes it easier for them to choose you as their representative.

It Provides People with Useful Information

Your blog is a perfect way to express your knowledge, expertise and thought leadership. You can use your blog to explain your processes and proceedures and inform users of your legal savvy, contact information and location. You can give your insight and point of view on current matters and developments in the law.

A relevant and informative blog could generate 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages in Google, ensuring prospective clients will be able to find your firm and hire you.


Your Website Never Sleeps. People Can Contact You Anytime

Let’s face it, some people need legal representation any time of day. Your website is online 24/7, allowing those who need your representation to find you and contact you whenever they need you. When your law firm’s website is online all the time, it enables people to contact you and schedule meetings and consultations anytime, day or night.


Lawyers need a website; it’s that simple. A website will help you promote your services, provide your information and establish your credibility and thought leadership. It will also allow prople who are looking for legal representation to find your firm and contact you immediately and at any time, day or night. Timliness is usually paramount when someone is looking for a lawyer, so it’s to your advantage to have an effective one that allows people to find you, attracts clients and and allows you to control your status and reputation. So if you’re a one-person practice or a small- to medium-sized firm, a website will enhance your brand and bring you business. The ROI is so small, one new client returns a very generous profit. Start Now.

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