Why a Marketing Strategy is Critical for Small Business
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Why a Marketing Strategy is Critical for Small Business

Originally published by CNTV Nation  

Remember when you opened your small business and the 1st “real” marketing step was to place an ad in the local yellow pages?

Well actually the host of CNTV remembers those days as his 1 man photography studio in southern Colorado began with such an ad! Yes, he is THAT old!

He now fully understands the days of simply placing an ad in the phone book are long far gone! He now knows the importance of finding a pro to help in educating the public to understand what your product or service is.. and how it can help the public solve a problem!

After all; most small business owners are VERY good at “what” they do, but not so good at tooting their own horn…and therefore many great and talented owners let their business die a horrible death. Not because they were bad at what they did; but instead, because no one even had a chance to know about them!

Here is where you need a pro like Doug Sabanosh. With an MBA at the University of Colorado-Denver and nearly 2 decades in the marketing and sales fields; he has been helping businesses with their marketing challenges for years! With over 1,200 connections on LinkedIn, he is open to work for you.

When asked how his marketing career began he states, “I was given a really great role at a subsidiary of Time Inc. back in the late 90s, I basically was in the right place at the right time with the right attitude.”

Well, a great attitude is what continues to serve him, and every company he works with still benefits from his knowledge and attitude that began back in the days of print!

By being a small business owner himself, he too knows how hard it is keep creating a message that constantly sells your services, as he states: “You have to create interest; you have to continue with your thought leadership and you have to just keep telling people how you can help their business.”

So, that is exactly what he does for many businesses; he helps create your message and then utilizes the many digital platforms that exist today, but most small business owners do not have the time nor the expertise to take advantage of them!

He warns; Do not be like the

50% of small businesses don’t have a marketing strategy, and most of them don’t know where to start. That’s costing you money.

So, I’d say the easy answer to the question of where to start is…to find a professional to help. After all, even Elvis with all his talent and charisma needed the Colonel to share his gift with the world! Ok, maybe I am showing my age now, as that was even before yellow pages! (Go see the movie)

But I think we have touched on why a digital marketing strategy is critical for any business…without it…you are not even in the game. And the game is played and won, Online. Period.

Watch the full interview with the professional Doug Sabanosh explain how he can help your business succeed far beyond the old printed an antiquated advertising of yesterday.

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