Case Study: Building Med Spa Success Through an Effective Marketing Strategy


Company: Ooh La La Med Spa

Industry: Beauty & Wellness

Headquarters: Highlands Ranch, CO



Ooh La La Med Spa is a medical spa in Highlands Ranch, CO specializing in injectables, laser treatments and skincare that deliver stunning and natural-looking results. Their team of highly-skilled RN and NP nurse injectors and licensed laser technicians and medical estheticians are expertly trained in advanced and exclusive techniques.

They are loved by their clientele for their dedication to enhancing and maintaining natural beauty with custom procedures that give skin a young and natural boost. 

The med spa was founded in 2015 by Zermene Guin and Olga Biryukova, who met in esthetician school. Since then, they’ve worked their way from a small, individual rented space to their own office with six “glam suites.”


Despite their success with enhancing beauty for their clients, their remarkable skills and treatments were not reaching their full potential. While sales were steady, they wanted to increase their client base, while boosting their bottom line.  

Like most small business owners, the entrepreneurs were busy servicing clients and running their business and did not have time for marketing.  Facing challenges like an insecure website, lack of content, incomplete service descriptions, minimal branding, and an absence of business information, Ooh La La Med Spa was on the brink of obscurity. Their online presence was virtually non-existent, with a poor performing website, and an improperly set-up Google Business profile, leaving potential clients unaware of their products and services.

Additionally, their communication with their loyal customers was inconsistent, with sporadic emails sent only sparingly. Their booked appointments were dwindling and their profits flat. They faced budget contraints and a lack of resources to perform a marketing overhaul as well as continue with everyday marketing activities.

Finally, the website hosting and development environment was antiquated and insecure, leaving it vulnerable to many threats including IP hijacking and backend attacks.

Old Website Homepage

SEO Report Prior to Marketing Overhaul


Digital Consulting Services (DCS) crafted a strategy to increase overall appointment bookings through an inbound marketing plan that included a website “refresh and rebuild,” a solid SEO foundation (including local SEO), content development, email marketing, and social media marketing. The DCS strategy plan included the following items:

Market Analysis

  • Define overall business goals through market insights and gap analysis. 
  • Breakdown market size, age group and gender insights.
  • Examine services provider and treatment services segments for revenue share priority and popular products and services.
  • Perform S.W.O.T. analysis for both client and their top competition and see how the market share is distributed among various market players.
  • Explore market trends and potential growth rate.

Website Refresh

  • Move website from hosting and website development environment to a more secure and reliable one.
  • Rebuild the website in a more flexible and user friendly system.
  • Redesign and configure website according to Customer Branding Guidelines.
  • Build pages and create content to populate website with features, benefits and company information, Booking functionality, Social Media and Customer Reviews Integrations.


  • Identify target audience and develop buyer personas to steer valuable content production and establish consistent, relevant messaging.
  • Write eductional blog articles relevant to the target audience and to drive SEO.
  • Develop FAQs to address popular topics and inform the target audience.
  • Develop videos of how treatments and procedures are performed to enhance the comfort and confidence of the audience.

Email Marketing

  • Segmented database based on treatments, birthday, and information preferences.
  • Established consistent email send cadence for newsletters, specials and promotions – Happy Birthday promotion offering a discount gift.
  • Personalized emails to speak dirrectly to recipient and deliver relevant content.
  • Established re-engagement campaigns to win back inactive subscribers.
  • Created automated welcome campaign to engage new users.

Social Media

  • Research audience interests, behavior, and engagement patterns on the platform.
  • Identify the ideal demographic for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Tailor content to meet audience preferences.
  • Developed Hashtag Strategy to use relevant and trending hashtags to increase the spa’s discoverability and reach a broader audience.
  • Mapped plan for timely and consistent posting schedule to each platform.


  • Keyword Research: Identify relevant and implement high-traffic keywords.
  • On-Page Optimization: Optimize the website’s pages and content.
  • Local SEO: Optimize for local searches and improve Google Business Profile.
  • Link Building: Implement a strategic link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks.
  • Website Speed and Mobile-Friendliness: Ensure the website is optimized for fast loading speed and mobile-friendly.


Google analytics was not set up for the old website, so we didn’t have any baseline data. However, we knew no clients were referred to or generated from the old website. In the first three months after we launched the new website and executed some email and social campaigns, we experienced an uptick in bookings. Over the next three months – six (6) months total, we experienced the results listed below.

New Website Homepage

SEO Report Six (6) Months After Marketing Overhaul

  • Organic keywords grew from 2 to 339
  • Estimated SEO clicks grew from 1 to 76
  • Estimated monthly SEO click value of $104 generates approximately $2,500 for a 2,300% ROI .
  • Email open rates increased by 83%.
  • Email click rates increased by 37%.
  • Email conversion rates increased by 42%.

New Services Website Page – not included on old website

New Blog Articles Page – not included on old website

  • The website attracted 3,327 new users with an average engagement rate of 71.81%.
  • Organic search accounted for more than 60.69% of traffic referrals.
  • The engagement rate of organic users is 81.74%


Through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including targeted email campaigns, dynamic social media marketing, relevant content development, and the creation of an engaging, SEO-compliant website, the company has undergone a transformation that extends far beyond their digital presence. Today, their website not only engages customers, it also serves as a powerful appointment-generation platform, making it a central hub for client interaction. The strategic market analysis DCS conducted allowed us to identify and seize opportunities that had previously gone untapped. By embracing innovative digital marketing initiatives like email and blogs, the company has not only enhanced its bottom line, it has also solidified its reputation as a prominent and trusted resource to their customers. This case study is a great example of the real-world impact a few simple digital marketing programs can have on a business and its bottom line. Ensuring your website attracts customers through organic SEO, communicating regularly with customers, and incentivizing clients with personalized messaging, all contribute to enhancing your reputation and ultimately booking more clients.