How Compliance Central Increases Visibility
October 2, 2017
Doug Sabanosh

As organizations look to improve the way they manage risk, internal controls and compliance processes, Compliance Central is offering a software solution that controls documents and tracks gaps, reconciles accounts and allows remote auditing, so it’s easier to certify, report and disclose all relevant data to stakeholders.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Compliance Central integrates internal controls and compliance frameworks, allowing stakeholders to communicate, document, and share worksheets to follow a consistent process. Having a central repository where people can access and look at the same data, is key to transparency and alignment. Because Compliance Central is cloud-based, all responsible people have access to the same worksheets and data, eliminating access and connection issues often encountered with share drives (for example: international subsidiaries access to U.S. share drives using different @ emails).
In addition to increasing visibility through centralizing internal controls and risk management frameworks, Compliance Central benefits enterprises through:

  • Reporting on all control elements without digging through spreadsheets
  • Streamlining the integration and delivery of real-time data
  • A seamless ability to collaborate and share in real-time
  • Saving time and money through a centralized connection
  • Increasing accuracy mitigates risk and reduces headaches

Centralizing GRC processes in the cloud is key to increasing visibility across an organization’s internal controls and risk management responsibilities. It allows all parties: access to the same data and documents, increased collaboration, communication and accuracy of reconciliations, gaps and risk levels, which ensures more efficient and effective internal controls and risk management. Finally, Compliance Central creates consistency throughout the process by establishing a framework that everyone must learn and follow, further eliminating the potential for unidentified gaps and heightened risk.